Crysis Warhead

Psycho's brazen confidence does more than just establish a gutsy protagonist: It sets the stage for a more focused and intense series of battles that keep the pace moving more smoothly than before. Warhead still offers some of the same kind of sandbox levels, but thoughtful enemy placement and map bottlenecks keep downtime to a minimum. You can approach assaults on beachfronts and Korean encampments in a number of ways, so if you're a stealth enthusiast, you can employ your suit's cloak setting and sneak in, or attach a silencer to your sniper rifle and take out your human foes from a distance. If you would rather employ hit-and-run tactics, you can jump into the heat of battle, cause a ruckus, and use your suit's speed function to zoom away. However, Warhead is clearly focused on the guns-blazing approach, gently nudging you into full-on encounters with its mission objectives, character dialogue, and level design. When you reach primary and secondary destinations, you'll get besieged by large numbers of enemies, both human and (later on) alien. Given that human foes also don nanosuits, they're not necessarily quick to fall; as a result, these sequences are exciting and challenging, and you'll need to use your suit abilities and cover opportunities to your advantage. The easily triggered explosions of enemy vehicles and hazardous barrels further intensify these pockets of activity.

All of the claims you may have heard that Crysis could only run on nuclear-powered supermachines were greatly exaggerated. But if for some reason you worry that this stand-alone companion to the ultragorgeous first-person shooter will bring your PC to its knees, you should know that it's highly scalable and ran smoothly on a number of machines during our testing. It also looks better, with clear attention given to the game's artistic sensibilities and the lusher, denser environments. But rest assured, developer Crytek has enhanced more than just the graphics engine. Vehicles are more fun to drive, firefights are more intense and focused, and aliens do more than just float around you. More emphasis on the open-ended environments would have been welcome, but a more exciting (though shorter) campaign, a new multiplayer mode, and a whole bunch of new maps make Crysis Warhead an excellent expansion to one of last year's best shooters. Just information for who want play this game on your PC there are several minimum that must meet such as Processor Intel Pentium 4 3.0 Ghz or equivalent processor, Memory 1 GB of RAM, 512 MB graphic card such as Nvidia Geforce 9600GT or higher, or Ati Radeon 9800Pro. well if you PC has meet with minimum requirement, what are waiting long for? go buy the DVD game and install on your PC, play it and enjoy the game until you play to the end of game....!!!

Fallout 3

Fallout 3 remains true to the series’ character development system, using a similar system of attributes, skills, and perks, including the S.P.E.C.I.A.L. system from previous games for your attributes, such as strength, perception, and endurance. From there, you can specialize in a number of skills, from heavy weapons and lock-picking to item repairing and terminal hacking. You will further invest in these skills each time you level, and you'll also choose an additional perk. Perks offer a number of varied enhancements that can be both incredibly helpful and a bit creepy. You could go for the ladykiller perk, which opens up dialogue options with some women and makes others easier to slay. Or the cannibal perk, which lets you feed off of fallen enemies to regain health at the risk of grossing out anyone who glimpses this particularly nasty habit. Not all of them are so dramatic, but they're important aspects of character development that can create fascinating new options.

These aspects keep Fallout 3 from being a run-and-gun affair, and you shouldn't expect to play it as one. This is because the most satisfying and gory moments of battle are products of the Vault-Tec Assisted Targeting System, or VATS. This system is a throwback to the action-point system of previous Fallout games, in that it lets you pause the action, spend action points by targeting a specific limb on your enemy, and watch the bloody results unfold in slow motion. You aren't guaranteed a hit, though you can see how likely you are to strike any given limb and how much damage your attack might do. But landing a hit in VATS is immensely gratifying: The camera swoops in for a dramatic view, your bullet will zoom toward its target, and your foe's head might burst in a shocking explosion of blood and brains. Or perhaps you will blow his limb completely off, sending an arm flying into the distance--or launch his entire body into oblivion.

Although you can play from an odd-looking third-person perspective (your avatar looks like he or she is skating over the terrain), Fallout 3 is best played from a first-person view. Where combat is concerned, you will play much of the game as if it is a first-person shooter, though awkwardly slow movement and camera speeds mean that you'll never confuse it for a true FPS. Armed with any number of ranged and melee weapons, you can bash and shoot attacking dogs and random raiders in a traditional manner. Yet even with its slight clunkiness, combat is satisfying. Shotguns (including the awesome sawed-off variant) have a lot of oomph, plasma rifles leave behind a nice pile of goo, and hammering a mutant's head with the giant and cumbersome supersledge feels momentously brutal. Just be prepared to maintain these implements of death: Weapons and armor will gradually lose effectiveness and need repairing. You can take them to a specialist for fixing, but you can also repair them yourself, as long as you have another of the same item. It's heartbreaking to break a favored weapon while fending off supermutants, but it reinforces the notion that everything you do in Fallout 3, even shooting your laser pistol, has consequences. Atleast this game promising you that you as players will enjoy the heavy visual effect, great sound effect, and many more. But there are several minimum requirement that must meet with your PC, such as Intel Pentium 3.0 Ghz or equivalent processor, System RAM 1 GB (XP) 2 GB RAM (Vista), Direct X 9.0c compliant videocard with 256MB RAM (NVIDIA 6800 or better / ATI X850 or better), 8 GB of hardrive. come on quickly buy the DVD game and install on your PC play it, enjoy it...!!!

Bioshock 2

Bioshock 2 presents you with a perfect blend of the first shooter, the story interesting and intense multiplayer.Genetically Enhanced Multiplayer - getting experience points during gameplay to gain access to new weapons possession, which Plasmids and tonics can be used to make hundreds of weapons with different combinations, enabling you to develop a unique character that can meet the needs of players playing style. Taken from the experience of civil war you will involve you into a civil war in the areas of conflict such as Kashmir Restaurant and Mercury Suites, even that this game give you good visualization so you won't able to leave your PC at shortly time because there are some visual effect that you can be adjusted every time you want to play it such as anti-aliasing, vertex shader, shadow, motion effect, and many more.

Well at all this game give us enjoying live in another world such as in galaxy, this is just some information for player who want to play this game on your PC there are several minimum system requirement that must meet, such as processor Intel Pentium 4 2.4 Ghz, memory 512 Mb (1 Gb recomended), 128 Mb graphic card such as Nvidia Geforce 6600 or higher, or Ati Radeon X1300 or higher Sound Card - 100% direct X 9.0c compatible sound card, Hard disc space - 8GB free space. what are waiting for? fast go buy the DVD game and install on your PC play it, enjoy it until end of game, i am sure you won't regret it because this game are very-very good in some category such as in history, visual effect, sound effect, the main character's, antagonist character's and many more so please enjoy the game.

Mass Efect 2

The Mass Effect is a sci-fi adventure with setting a broad universe filled with other forms of alien life dangerous. In the second chapter of this dark, devil Saren's and Geth army had just conquered, and humans, which is still struggling to make a mark on the stage of galaxies, is now facing a greater danger.
Mass Effect 2 takes the bleak vacuum of space and flushes it with color--the light of stars and galaxies, the red and violet swirls of far-off nebulas, and the glimpses of comets as they burn through the void. You’ll catch your first glimpse of this in the game’s intense and much-improved art design, but that dance of light and shadows is also an apt metaphor for bleak undercurrents in the story, as well as the moral quandaries and past indiscretions that haunt the main characters. More so than its predecessor, Mass Effect 2 possesses an identity, and most of the obvious changes and improvements over the original are beholden to the shift in tone. The shooting is more immediate and satisfying, which keeps the pace moving and intensifies the violence of each encounter. Rich characterizations invite you to look more closely at each crew member's personal stake in the sprawling galactic backdrop. Even the relatively predictable space opera that is the main plot has sinister moments, and you sense the characters struggling with that heavy burden. Mass Effect 2 is incredibly enjoyable, but it's more than just fun: It's a stellar package with a fierce spirit that makes it engrossing and unforgettable.

A race of locustlike beings known as the Collectors cast an even larger shadow, and the threat they pose is greater than may first appear. Cerberus wants you to assemble a formidable team to assist and provides you with two human officers of its own. First, there is the sexy Miranda. Then, there is Jacob, who seems initially reticent but allows his emotional fire to burn more brightly as the journey progresses. One by one, you build up your crew of specialists to complement them. Among them are a stoic but powerful Asari named Samara, whose ethical code is as unforgiving as it is inflexible, and Thane, a brooding assassin that belongs to the reptilian Drell race. These are great characters, as are other members of your team, though the Salarian scientist Mordin Solus is possibly the finest character in Mass Effect 2 and arguably the most interesting one seen in an RPG in some time. His ultracaffeinated, ultralogical delivery is often hysterical and always entertaining (his romantic advice will have you in stitches), but his moral misgivings and humaneness make him more than just comic relief. This diverse team joins you aboard a newly built vessel named, appropriately enough, The Normandy SR-2, with the ever-reliable and ever-feisty Joker at the helm. He's not the only blast from the past to cross your path in Mass Effect 2, but it's best to discover for yourself which characters from its predecessor (and what role they play in this trek across the Milky Way) you'll meet again.

Mass Effect 2's third-person shooting action is greatly enhanced over the original, making battles exciting and violent, which befits the overall shift in tone. Battles play out as they do in a typical cover-based shooter like Gears of War, with a few caveats (you can't tumble, for example). Sliding into cover is slick and easy, as is popping in and out to take potshots at the wide variety of foes that assault you. Action sequences still present a few rare hangups; you may suddenly rise a few feet into the air for no reason and be unable to move. Or you may get stuck on an invisible obstacle and jitter back and forth. Uncommon bugs aside, Mass Effect 2 works well as a shooter, and other changes to the combat reinforce the improvements. For example, your shields and health automatically regenerate as they commonly do in straightforward shooters, and you now pick up ammo from the battlefield. You can still pause the action to let loose biotic-powered fury, but combat remains fluid and stimulating. It helps that the two teammates accompanying you on your missions are much less of a burden than before--not quite brilliant, but certainly smart enough to stay out of your way and stay alive.

Well overall this game very good especially at visualization effect, anti-aliasing effect can be adjusted in option so this game make even better in visual effect, however there are several minimum system requirement that must meet with your PC if you want to play this game in your PC without problem, such as Intel Dual Core E5300 @2.6 Ghz, Memory: 1 GB for Windows XP / 2GB for Windows Vista and Windows 7, 256 Mb graphic card such as Nvidia Geforce 8600GT or higher, or Ati Radeon HD2600 or higher, OS: Windows XP SP3 / Windows Vista SP1 / Windows 7, Sound: DirectX 9.0c-compatible sound card,DirectX: DirectX 9.0c from August 2008 (inclusive), so what are waiting for? quickly buy the DVD game and install on your PC, play it, enjoy it until end.

Ninja Blade

High above the skyscrapers in Tokyo, Ken Ogawa and his team of trained ninja spread to destroy the infected monster pack, and root diseases are spreading. The problem becomes more complicated when Ogawa and his team betrayed by his own father. Having escaped death, Ogawa had to fight alone, and try to understand the motivation behind his father's betrayal.

Equipped with advanced weapons, special ninja weapons, tools including Ninja high-powered vision. Attack, the player must fight against the monsters and restore peace in Tokyo.

You should also prepare for more memorable moments than you can shake a katana at. Ken, the star of Ninja Blade, is so sensationally acrobatic that he makes Dante's antics in Devil May Cry seem practically mundane. During the course of the game, he'll sky-surf on missiles, perform gravity-defying stunts on a motorcycle, and ride a wrecking ball to glory, among many other gymnastic feats that would make even Ninja Gaiden's Ryu green with envy. These glitzy, cinematic scenes are laughably ludicrous, and yet they're an absolute hoot to watch and bound to get your pulse pounding. However, you aren't relegated to being a simple observer. Most of this visual insanity is accompanied by quick-time button events, which means that you'll need to keep your eyes glued to the screen even when you'd rather than sit back for a breather. A close-up of Ken's keen eye signals these events, so they'll never catch you off guard--and should you miss a button press, the scene will rewind (a cool-looking effect) and let you try again. Unfortunately, Ninja Blade's QTEs are all too frequent, taking up a huge chunk of gameplay time and all but requiring you to use a controller (hammering on keys and mouse buttons isn't very satisfying). These are fine-looking QTEs, but as well implemented as they are, the game relies on them so often that they become tedious after a while.

When an action game lets you dress up in pink pinstripes before carving up hordes of gruesome mutants, you know it doesn't take itself seriously. Ninja Blade is such a game, but it's so ridiculously over the top, so rambunctiously insane, that it's hard not to get a total kick out of it. It's an uneven product, both technically troublesome and derivative to the bone. And yet Ninja Blade maintains a breakneck pace while throwing you into one preposterous scenario after another until you need to catch your breath, simply because the onscreen action is so absurdly dazzling--or because you're laughing too hard. So don't expect deep combat, extreme visual prowess, or a finger-breaking challenge. Instead, just prepare for lots of good, frivolous fun that will keep you entertained in spite of some technical flaws.

You'll thankfully spend plenty of time wielding some powerful blades and wreaking havoc on the rooftops of Tokyo. Using the titular single katana, a pair of fast-acting blades, or a heavy but effective sword, you'll slice up a variety of mutated meanies as you seek to liberate Tokyo from a nasty epidemic of demonic, symbiotic worm thingies. Ninja Blade is a fairly straightforward button masher, so you can string your two main attacks, blocks, and jumps into various combos that you unlock as the game progresses. The combat system isn't terribly deep; you won't perform Ninja Gaiden II's wall-leaping slices or use Devil May Cry 4's numerous fighting styles. However, the action delivers a nice feeling of impact and fills the screen with a lot of flashy visual effects. It doesn't deliver much of a challenge, though, and you could finish the game without exploring some of the more snazzy-looking moves. That doesn't mean you can choose a single weapon and mash your way to triumph; some enemies need to be softened with your heavy blade, whereas the speedy dual blades are more effective against certain foes (and helpful when trying to block oncoming projectiles as well). Nevertheless, if you want a decent challenge, you should crank the difficulty up to the highest available setting from the get-go.

This kind of button mashing may seem par for the course, and it's derivative to the extreme, but what Ninja Blade lacks in originality, it makes up for with its snappy, enthusiastic pace. The action moves quickly from one scenario to the next, mixing in one boss fight after another and reveling in its gleeful cinematic excess. You'll fend off winged demons in freefall, operate turrets in a number of on-rails shooting sequences, and slice up ghastly fiends on the wings of a soaring airplane (don't ask how Ken defies the laws of physics--he just does). It's all larger than life, particularly when you face the various bosses liberally thrown your way. Many of these encounters are fun, or at least they are the first time around; you'll battle a few of them several times during the course of the game. Some of them, such as a beast-riding femme fatale, are even legitimately challenging. Others aren't tough but require you to whittle away at their health, testing your patience if not your skill.

Overall this game are so interest and for players who want to play there are some minimum requirements that must be met, such as the Intel Pentium 4 3.2 GHz or higher, 1 GB of Ram, 256 Mb graphics card such as Nvidia Geforce 8600GT or higher or Ati Radeon HD2600XT or higher, compatible sound device with DirectX 9.0c, so quickly buy DVD game and install on your PC because you will not regret it this is cool game play it until the end.

Manhunt 2

This is the newest game from Rockstar sequel, this game offers you the tension as the player of the beatings, murder, and murder committed by a sadist and would never imagined before, perhaps in our predecessor Manhunt game only has a mission to kill without a clear purpose, but in This new Manhunt game we do not only kill but the origin of our will carry out missions that are not just killed, a chest of rescue and survival of the enemy that confronts us, as additional information of this game really sadistic element to the visual appearance of this game, including games that are not so heavy to run on your PC, for own minimum requirements your PC must meet the following requirements, Win XP SP2 or SP3 or Windows Vista, Intel Pentium 4 3.0 GHz or higher, 512 Mb Ram (1Gb more smoother), 128 Mb graphics card like Ati radeon 9250 or higher or Nvidia Geforce 6600 or higher, with DirectX version 9.0c or higher. so what are we waiting for? hurry go buy DVD game and install on your PC, enjoy The Game play it until the end.

Manhunt 2 creates a terrible environment, which will be the guts and the ability to test you. An experiment at a secret research facility has been turned into a disaster. Daniel was sent to Dixmor Asylum, 7 years later when a strange storm that caused lightning seized power source, and destroy Dixmor Asylum. Leaving the shadow of death and horror, Daniel Lamb and Leo Kasper, only those who survived. Can they survive such a horrible place ...

The Saboteur

The Saboteur is Pandemic's swan song. Since the studio was recently dissolved by its parent company, this is the last hurrah from the ambitious development house that brought us Mercenaries and Star Wars Battlefront. Like Mercenaries, The Saboteur is an open-world, sandbox game that benefits from an impressive scope but is noticeably rough around the edges. he difficulty of presenting an open world game is balancing a player's freedom of choice with a storyline that pushes them towards the main objectives. The Saboteur manages to do both very well. As Sean is introduced to bands of rebels, British agents, and devious black market weapons dealers they are marked on the on-screen mini map with initials. The character or location that must be reached to advance the story is always highlighted in yellow. In this way the objectives are neatly displayed and players always know where the next most important task can be found. But to complete these tasks players will need to purchase weapons, and currency is mostly obtained through the liberation of separate neighborhoods. Paris is filled with Nazi encampments like fuel depots and sniper pits. A well placed explosive will take out these targets and net the player some cash. The option exists to strictly follow the plot or go Nazi hunting across the countryside.The Saboteur has one of the more intriguing setups of any game this year. Players are thrust into Nazi occupied France and given the opportunity to turn the tide of the war one explosion at a time. The setting is both sexy and dangerous, with a colorful cast of characters that border on period-piece stereotypes. You take on the role of Sean Devlin, a hard drinking womanizer with a past who has fled his native Ireland to try his luck at race car driving in Grand Paris. Sean's main competition is an Aryan named Kurt Dierker who cheats his way to victory and provokes Sean to get even off of the race course. What starts as a prank against Dierker quickly escalates to a game of life and death and ensnares players in a blood oath to kill him and remove his Nazi brethren from the country.

There's a fair bit of travelling on the way to and from every mission. Sean can steal any car on the road, or spawn them after bringing them to a garage. The driving mechanics are functional, but always feel a bit stiff, even in the best vehicles. Let's put it this way: escaping from the Nazis in an extended car chase can be entertaining, but driving isn't enjoyable enough to warrant jumping into the optional races or car collection quests.
Whether you choose to stick to the plot, or run off to bomb Nazis and collect contraband, the gameplay is relatively similar. Sean is an experienced brawler (he can kill an NPC with a single punch) a marksman, and an explosives expert. This translates to some loose run-and-gun gameplay and the ability to plant dynamite on Nazi equipment. In contrast to the subject matter, the combat is relaxed to the point of being silly. Clearly based on an arcade style shooter, ammo is plentiful and Sean can absorb about 50 shots from a sub-machine gun before death becomes an issue. Even then, health regenerates in a snap. That means players have plenty of time to plant a bomb, even while being shot directly in the back. It also means the thinly designed cover system rarely comes into play. Sean is essentially a one man army, and dealing out punishment to the Germans can be a lot of fun, just don't expect a very deep experience.

If, for some reason you choose to over-think the Saboteur and try to sneak up on your enemies there is a stealth system including disguises and sneaking. But a proper stealth mechanic requires subtlety, and that's one thing The Saboteur avoids completely. There's an indicator to let players know when they've been sighted, or are engaging in suspicious activities. But it fills up so quickly, that the system is almost binary. You're either completely hidden from your enemy, or alarms are blaring and guns are blazing. And if you're spotted in a "restricted area" where most missions take place, the alarms will continue to go off no matter how many guards you kill. Sean can always locate and turn off a base alarm switch, find a marked hiding spot, or escape outside of the base and attempt to leave the red circle on the mini-map. But this is always more trouble than just ignoring the alarms and blasting your way towards the objective.

Here The Game with the concept and game environments that really can entertain our players can perform in addition to main missions as an assassin and saboteur we can also perform other missions that can release us momentarily tired of running major missions as we can go racing , free to steal cars, and bring back the car if the car has been in the garage. for players who want to play this game sometimes if your PC meets the minimum hardware like an Intel Pentium 4 3GHz, 1Gb of Ram, 256Mb graphics card like the Nvidia 7600GT or higher, or Ati Radeon HD 4800Pro or higher. so what are we waiting for buy now DVD fast game and install on your PC, and you will not regret it. enjoy The Game.

Far Cry 2

Caught in a war between two camps in Africa, you are sent to catch "The Jackal", a mysterious cause of conflict between the rulers of land and threatening the lives of many people. To complete your mission, you have to make both parties in conflict to mutual truce.
Far Cry 2's story is filled with potential. You're a mercenary working for a client who's sent you to an unnamed African nation engulfed in civil war, and your job is to take out a notorious arms dealer known as "The Jackal." He quickly proves to be an elusive figure, so you'll need to begin working for various warring factions that the Jackal has armed so you can trace the supply line back to your target. The two primary organizations at the heart of all this bloodshed are the militaristic UFLL and the revolutionary APR. You'll spend the bulk of the story working for these two groups, getting to know their power structures, and taking on all of the violent tasks they throw your way. Complicating things is the fact that your character has malaria, which means you'll need to occasionally play nice with the more ragtag Underground, the only group with the medical connections necessary to keep your potentially life-threatening symptoms at bay.

In Far Cry 2's chaotic world of mercenaries, gunrunners, and armed militias, you'll find yourself dropped into a dizzying web of shady clients and paper-thin alliances. All manner of names and faces are introduced during the course of the storyline, but the real star isn't anyone brandishing a smuggled weapon in search of blood diamonds; it's the daunting and awe-inspiring 50-square kilometers of African landscape that make up the game's open-world setting. Aside from providing the opportunity to soak up an amazing sunset, Far Cry 2's free-roaming terrain brilliantly harmonizes with the first-person combat. The diverse landscape and myriad environmental factors work alongside a wide assortment of weaponry to give you tremendous freedom to approach each mission. Combined with solid multiplayer, Far Cry 2's sheer breadth of action provides you with plenty of reason to stay lost in the African wilderness despite an underwhelming plot and the occasional sense of tedium in navigating from one location to another on the gargantuan map.
Although disappointing for a single-player campaign that could easily drain more than 30 hours of your time, any shortcomings in the plot are mostly forgivable thanks to Far Cry 2's overall structure. The game is organized in a way that provides a daunting amount of freedom to explore, earn currency, and wreak havoc on the game's landscape and its denizens. It's all laid out in a manner typical of sandbox action games. Pulling out your map reveals a collection of icons that signify available missions and points of interest that you can meander toward at your own leisure. Among these are dozens of side missions that you can take on, with various forms of rewards. Delivering transit papers to trapped refugees earns you malaria medication, destroying rival convoys for gun merchants unlocks new weapons for purchase, and performing assassinations for mysterious voices at the other end of your cell phone rewards you with diamonds. You can also rough up militias stationed in small camps and turn their dwellings into your own safe houses. The side missions can feel a bit repetitive when played through in rapid succession, but they offer a great change of tempo when sprinkled throughout the main narrative. But what's most clever is how their differing rewards intermingle so wonderfully with your needs in progressing through the story: Malaria pills keep your HP and stamina up, diamonds buy you new weapons and ability upgrades, and safe houses provide temporary shelter to stock up and save your game.

we can imagine how we play this game seemed like we own the war because in this game but can we at war with our enemies, we are also spoiled by the game developers with facilities such as buying weapons and much more, the minimum requirement for this game on your PC is, Intel Pentium D 2.8GHz, 1Gb of Ram (2GB recommended), 512Mb graphics card such as Nvidia Geforce 9600GT or higher or Ati Radeon 4800Pro or higher. quick buy this DVD game now, or you will feel regret for not buy it and play it.

Cursed Mountain

This Himalayan adventure horror will make you shiver. The player must interact with residents, pilgrims, mountaineers, Buddhist monks, evil ghosts and demons when they open the mystery of the location .
It's cold in the Himalayas--damned cold. The chill fills your lungs as you desperately search the mountain for the leftover canisters of oxygen you need to survive. And as you draw rattling breaths with burning lungs, you desperately defend yourself from hostile spirits hovering between this world and the next. This is the world of Cursed Mountain, where the frigid air will chill you to the bone, and your inner eye draws secret runes into clear view. This slow-paced survival horror game is not just the tale of a vertigo-inducing climb up the side of a Tibetan mountain, but a fascinating and surprisingly authentic examination of Buddhist rituals and the Sherpas who populate the region. Even when compared to other horror games, Cursed Mountain moves at a slow tempo, so if you need to be consistently engaged with hot action or thoughtful puzzles, this is not the game for you. And even if you do appreciate measured exploration and storytelling, you'll not likely appreciate the unresponsive motion controls. Yet in spite of these and other foibles, Cursed Mountain will draw you into its frozen spell, from which the only respite is incense, meditation, and a trusty pickaxe.

You play as Eric Simmons, a famed mountain climber searching for his brother Frank, who has gone missing while scaling Chomolonzo, one of Tibet's Himalayan mountains. Frank is a hothead known for taking risks, so when injured climber Edward Bennett needed someone to retrieve an important artifact at the mountain's crest, Frank was the obvious choice for such a risky endeavor. Unfortunately, the mountain's resident goddess isn't pleased with the constant intrusion, so your slow climb in search of Frank is hardly straightforward. You must investigate Sherpa villages and Buddhist temples searching for clues and learning of the events that complicated Frank's troubled ascent. You'll discover diary pages and climbers' logs that detail Frank's determined attitude, as well as his disrespect of the local culture and your own climbing successes. Hand-illustrated cutscenes further describe the saga as it unfolds, and along with some dramatic voice acting, they do a great job of fleshing out the mystery. What is Frank's fate? What is this relic known as a Terma? And why are you being assailed by spirits caught between this world and the next?

The answers come, and while the plot is straightforward enough, it's the detail surrounding it that makes the story easy to get lost in. Cursed Mountain is brimming with authentic touches that show reverence to the mountain's people and customs--and that authenticity makes the journey feel even spookier, because the terrors are centered on real religious teachings. The notes you find scattered about from villagers and monks realistically reference actual rituals and traditions, from depictions of the intermediate realm known as the Bardo, to the use of incense to ward off evil spirits. As you make your way up Chomolonzo, you see prayer flags flying in the icy wind and colorful dome tents, which are sights you would see on an actual climb. Certain short sequences, like those in which you twirl the remote during meditation, and one in which you sneak up on prayerful ghosts to steal their mantras, make good use of these concepts and steep you in the ambience.
This game basically offers the tension through the forest, antagonistic characters, and especially the visual effect is very strong on the side of horror, especially when players in the mountains, for players who want to play this game there are some minimum requirements for your PC, such as the Intel Pentium processor 4 2.4Ghz, 512Mb Ram (1Gb Recommended), 256Mb graphics card such as Nvidia 7300GT or Ati Radeon HD2600. So what are waiting longer? Hurry to buy a DVD game and install on your PC, play games and enjoy the horror of this game.

Silent Hill Homecoming

This game tells of a brother who returned from battle and return to his hometown on way back to his native Alex (the main character) had a bad dream, the dream he saw his brother (josh) was playing with a picture book somewhere very strange, he was confused about why his brother playing places like that, then in every time alex approached his brother josh he was always away and fled from his brother, because his brother was worried so he kept looking for his brother, until alex somewhere into the elevator and the elevator is in surprisingly comes a very large sword and stabbed him, alex immediately got up from his dream and he is in a truck with Travis Grady (the main character silent hill The Origins), alex who only ride in the truck and then droped by Travis in his hometown alex the Shepherd's Glen, but as he was walking in the city he felt the city was very quiet, suddenly when alex went he met an elderly woman she was a judge of the city, alex had then asked him about the state of his hometown, but she it says that the city state had been long since alex left the city to join the war, women are then advised alex to go home and see his mother, after that alex was headed to his home while alex go to the home he searched the house occupants will be, but her home is not nobody until he went up to 2nd floor of the house and into his room and found a flashlight and then take a flashlight and suddenly remembered by his brother alex first time which if her brother terrified alex always give it to josh's flashlight and when alex back toward the ground floor he saw a woman who was sitting near the window and then alex approaching person who turned out she was his mother alex, after a conversation with her mother is alex decided to help her mother looking for josh. alex horror adventure begins.

Silent hill homecoming is a game with a horror genre is the latest game of silent hill after hill sillent the origins (PS2) in this game we were treated to the visual effect is very heavy and thick with horror effects can be felt is not because silent hill homecoming This is in the PS3 and PC platforms so that the effects of visualization that can be felt by the players may be smoother, detailed, and close to reality, from the predecessor, I as a publisher of this blog recommended for players who want to play silent hill homecoming on the PC version is a good idea if your PC meets the minimum requirements in some games, such as an Intel Pentium P4 3.0Ghz HT, 1Gb Ram, and 256Mb graphics card or NVIDIA GeForce 7300GT or higher or Ati Radeon HD 2600 or higher. If you as a player meets the minimum requirements I am sure you will feel the tension high in this game, because basically silent hill homecoming has the power to the visualization effect was also supplemented with sound effects that feel horrible you will feel like taken to another world so different and scary. the developer Konami and double helix have to improvise in silent hill homecoming game by adding some evil characters such as scarlet doll and a few others, there are some characteristics of silent hill that is retained by the developer as combat techniques and a few places that look the same in some of the previous sequel, such as hospitals, hotels, and the silent hill town itself, as a lover of what horror games to look forward immediately to buy a DVD and install it into your PC and play. enjoy the silent hill homecoming game and play until end.

Resident Evil 5

This latest series from Capcom Resident Evil 5 PC, with an entertaining show we can directly know that we as players will be brought to another dimension that much different, with a display and a dazzling graphics Resident Evil 5, if appropriate action is categorized as a horror game of the year because we as players will be spoiled by the developer with the presence of two visual modes of game we can use visual mode in directx 9 or directx latest fashion ie we must know the 10 most prominent difference between these two directx if we want the visual result is very close to reality then of course we can choose to use the latest directx directx 10 but of course some consequences must be our responsibility as a player must have some hardware in our computers must be upgraded to match with what we want but when we have limited funds then of course while waiting for the funds collected will there is nothing wrong if we use directx 9 will but make no mistake though only using directx 9 we as players do not despair because although other dimensions such effects would still feel in this game because of the presence of anti-aliasing modes, motion blur, and many more.

As shown in the following figure besides Resident Evil 5 PC has added a few characters like majini antagonist, uroboros, and more so anyone who plays this game would have been amused either of the elements of action, shooting, horror, and some elements of sadistic Other things available in this game, in order to maximize its visual display recommending the developer to the players to play Resident Evil 5 PC using Intel Core i7 processor, because the developer claims that Capcom made this game would be perfect running very smoothly so as to showing above average 58fps, of course, be adjusted to a good graphics card too, like using a graphics card Nvidia Geforce 9800GT or better visual results Cleaner will be much better again, this information is given to the players to play this game of comfort can feel better and more tense because of the support of good visual effects too, but of course it is returned again to his players that if due to some inhibiting factors such as your finances to purchase or upgrade your hardware so please be patient because this game can work well even with the same specifications intel pentium 4 3GHz and 2GB Ram Nvidia 8800GT VGA with windows Xp operating system.